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Cross Country & Uphill Skiing

Titus Mountain borders great cross country trails groomed by our local Fish & Game Club. Ask about our discount lift ticket program for snowshoers and cross country skiers--enjoy the trails and head to the lodge to warm up and get a ride back to the trails.

For those interested in earning your turns, A "Skin & Ski' ticket will be available $15 for any age, any day. Daylight hours only.

  • Uphillers are required to have either a season pass or an uphill day ticket. Uphillers must always be visible to downhill traffic, must stay on the side of the trail, and cannot ski down the mountain before 9:00 a.m. or after 4:00pm. 

  • "Earning your turns is the hottest trend in skiing these days, a return to the very ancient roots of the sport. More and more skiers are using Alpine Touring (AT—also called “randonée”) or Telemark equipment with “skins” on the bases to climb hills before they ski down. Even snowboarders are getting in on the fun with split snowboards which separate into two halves (effectively becoming skis—imagine that!) to climb the hills, then clamp back together to become a snowboard for the ride down." From

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